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Posted by Nina Dalli on July 25, 2013 at 3:05 PM

July 29th, 2013 - THE GRAND SEXTILE -

  This chart was done at sunrise for July 29th, 2013 in Colorado, USA. (Mountain Daylight Time)

     Otherwise known as the Star of David.  A trine (triangle) formation is created when 3 planets form this shape, all being in the same elemental signs (all in water, or fire, earth or air signs.)  When you have 2 sets that overlap (as you can see in the chart for the 29th), this makes a 6-pointed star - this is called the Star of David!  The Star of David is a 3 dimensional perspective on the Star Tetrahedon or Mer Ka Bah ( the vehicle for ascension.)

      It is composed of 6 sextiles (friendly energy between the planets), 6 trines (friendly, same element), and 3 oppositions.  There are 7 planets involved and they are all in feminine signs.  This symbolizes the return of feminine energy to the planet.

  It is a very powerful formation, and the two trines are in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) & earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo).  So the focus will be on our emotions and practical life - our earth and how we manifest within the material world.  We will be more sensitive to what the earth needs for her well-being as well as what we need for ours. What dreams do we want to fulfill?  What is our intuition telling us?

     This is a feminine energetic event reminding us to balance the male-run planetary logos with sensibility and understanding that love and compassion for ourselves and our planet is necessary for our survival.  We should not discount our emotional sides - our feminine intuition, but instead use it as a vehicle (Mer Ka Bah) for our higher evolution.

     Quote from Llewellyn planetary guide: "  The Saving Grace - The long awaited Grand Sextile is here.  Everything else is overshadowed by this rare aspect configuration.  It is not visible to the naked eye, but its positive influence is still very strong. The two grand trines are healing gifts in earth and water signs. The 3 oppositions are the engines that are needed to make the whole configuration sit up and come alive!  The return of the feminine is a gift from the heavens to help us regain the equilibrium (ecological, sociopolitical & spiritual) that is out of balance in the world today.  This Grand Sextile is a saving grace that holds fantastic healing potential."


     The 3 oppositions:  Mars/Jupiter opposes Pluto (resistance of the powers that be to change), Moon opposes Saturn (desire to move through obstacles or  be emotionally trapped by restriction), & Venus opposes Neptune (facing our deeper emotions and addressing our desires as they may affect the whole.)




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