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The Energies are coming in waves!!

Posted by Nina Dalli on May 20, 2010 at 10:19 PM

   I felt this sense of a different wave of energy today.  I wanted to share it with you.

  As I study the current rate of changes and stress on our planet, and yet see the positive, unfoldment of some people's lives, I realize that this cosmic event is not unfolding as one intense energy!  There is the yin/yang - balance between the counter forces of negativity and positivity.  

  The energy is being magnified by our thoughts and attitudes and is coming in waves.  Of course!  That makes perfect sense to me.  It's a natural rhythm of life.  Visualize the ocean, with its waves coming to shore only to be pulled back again from the undertow.  And it is the undertow that gives our waves their momentum.   Expansion and contraction. Breathing in, then breathing out. The contractions of a baby being born, intensity then release.

  So why wouldn't such an important, transformational time on our planet not have that same balancing rhythm?   Is there a birthing going on in all this chaos?  Then we must learn to breathe through it.

  Sometimes life seems stressful and overwhelming with no way to fix it, and it feels like death is coming - and then the next moment something wonderful is happening, new horizons are opening up to our awareness, and we feel a positive life-infusing connection.  It's all in balance.  And as long as we remember this we can handle the different waves as they come in.  In these times we must learn to be good surfers, and in synch with these waves.

   As an astrologer, I observe and take note of patterns going on around me in my own life, as well as other people's lives. When there is a synchronicity between a larger group, I can see the broader implications of the current energies and not take it all so personally, and also realize that I can get in on it.  I believe we are going through a very real death/re-birth moment in our planetary society at this current time.

   For the moment, though, I'm seeing a releasing going on. Wonderful, new adventures are opening up for some, while others are in the process of letting go.  I experienced a sweet blessing today, that showed me all is not as "bad" as it seems.  There is something loving existing amongst the chaos of life!

  We are at a crossroads in our  time, where the choice can be a destructive outcome, or a constructive  outcome - a re-birth.  I have definitely felt and seen the destructive aspect of these cosmic influences, but lately, I am becoming acutely aware of their counterpart.  The blessings, the growth, the alternating waves of  fulfillment and miracles.  It helps to know as we feel our quickening that  something is being born, and the rhythm that we are in, has it's natural flow.  

  The light and the blessings are always there, even in our darkest hours.  It is always darkest before the dawn.    



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