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Astronomical Alignments - Summer 2010

Posted by Nina Dalli on June 6, 2010 at 1:51 AM



Summer of 2010


    June thru Sept of 2010.

        We have an action packed summer ahead of us.

        We have a major conjunction, a powerful opposition,

            a lunar and solar eclipse,  and a Grand Cross alignment. 

        All of this occurs within the next 3 months!!

        The major players are Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon.



So, what is a conjunction?

    A conjunction occurs when 2 or more planets come very close to each other, taking up the same area in the sky, and the same exact position in the zodiac.  You can see these conjunctions in the night skies.  Conjunctions in astrology have much impact depending on the planets involved.


    What is an opposition?

    When 2 or more planets are in opposite positions in the sky, this is called an opposition.  In astrology, they will be in opposite signs.  Oppositions have the same effect as any opposition would have - a tendency towards opposing energies that conflict with each other.  Oppositions also work towards mirroring to us what needs to be addressed.  Ultimately the goal of an opposing energy is to find a way to ally the two opposing dynamics.  Instead of having that energy work against you, you can find a way for it to work for you.

    And then there’s the Grand Cross:

  Imagine a medicine wheel with a cross in it,  a cross of equal positioning within the circle.  When you have four or more planets sitting on each of those 4 points, in this equal configuration, that is called a Grand Cross.  Grand meaning all the positions are in the same exact degrees with each other, though they will be in different signs, with some signs in opposition of each other.  This is a very significant alignment for initiations and breakthroughs.


    Now this alignment is unique as all the signs on the major points are in Cardinal signs! Cardinal means generating new energy, movement, cataclyzing events.  The beginning...




   June  8th - JUPITER/URANUS conjunction


    Two words come to mind when I think of this pairing - BIG CHANGES!


    Jupiter is moving from a water sign into a fire sign - Aries .  The sign of new beginnings - seeds germinating - raw energy springing forth!  Where we were dreaming of the big projects ahead, now the energy is there for us to go forward and manifest those ideas.  Jupiter is a large enough mass in our solar system to have great impact on our planet.  Next to the sun, I believe it the next biggest affector in our lives.  These outer planets always  effect societies, as well as individuals.


    Whereas Uranus is more into individualistic expression, it is connected to the larger community actions.  Eccentricity is associated with Uranus, as well as our computer technologies - communication across long distances.  I think we will see even more amazing technological advances coming thru this conjunction, with Jupiter- the great manifestor callng forth the energies needed for inventive (Uranus) endeavors.  Maybe they will finally come up with an idea to stop the oil leak in the Gulf during this conjunction! 


    Uranus is associated with quick, impetuous movements, so be on the lookout for sudden changes, a need to move, or unexpected events.  There may be upheavals in societies with great government dominance.  Rebelling against authority.


    The last time this conjunction occurred in a cardinal sign, similar to Aries, was 1969.  What a summer that was .  The summer of love - where suddenly people yearned for a more idealistic society based on love and cooperation.  We also went to the moon that year, and social upheaval was climaxing around the Vietnam war.  Do you see any correlation with our current society’s concerns?  We have an ecological disaster  going on in the Gulf of Mexico, concerns over the wars we are involved with in the Middle East, and our own economic woes.  It is time for our society to try some new solutions, working together for a more sustainable future.  This conjunction can ignite more rebellion against authority - dissatisfied citizens ready to call to the forefront all the inequities going on around us.  We will see larger groups of people protesting and confronting those that run things to start being considerate of the community.


    An interesting note,  Jupiter & Uranus were conjunct at the time of the start of the Revolutionary War!  This can be a revolutionary catalyst!!


    Also, in 1969, there was a big oil spill that woke people up and they started being more aware we need to take better care of our planet.  This catalyst eventually led to the creation of Earth Day!


    Putting together the fire energy from Aries & Jupiter, and the air quality of Uranus, we may see some major fires come up suddenly, whether it’s a fiery volcano, or forest fires (since it is the season.)


    You may feel it’s time to travel, or move to a new location, or possibly a location further away then you live now.  It’s time to expand our horizons!!

I find it synchronistic that I put my new website “Cosmic Horizons” up just as we are entering this configuration - confirming to me my intention of expanding your horizons with this site.


    Jupiter is considered the success, or good luck planet.  With Uranus being into freedom, and new adventures, look for some unexpected prosperity, good luck, and breaking free from restrictive circumstances; or at least the desire to do so.  We still are contending with the Pluto/Saturn influences which are also addressing breaking through our resistances and obstacles to reach a more expanded view of ourselves and our lives.

    This conjunction is just the beginning of the line up to the grand cross which will happen from June 26 - Aug. 21, and will also include a Pluto/Saturn opposition and a lunar/solar eclipse.




    I will come back to write more on this alignment.  I just wanted to give you the first opening energies as we are approaching this conjunction next week on Tuesday, and already are close enough in degrees to really feel the effect.


    I am always open to anyone commenting on what is going on for them during these significant times. We are in a historical time of our society, and with the 2012 alignment coming up, we may all find a way to understand these waves of energies coming through and how they effect our community and our individual lives.  Just know, that whatever is going on, many are experiencing the same thing.  And you can be on either side of that spectrum, folks.


    Please subscribe to receive notices that I’ve posted a new blog.  I intend to give these “cosmic weather” reports as we unfold this season of change for our world!! 




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Reply jennifer
7:24 PM on June 6, 2010 
WOW i love it!!! Calyx is going to be born under all this excitement!!yeaaa
this is going to be a big month for us at the ranch too lots going on!!! we love u Amber and very exciting seeing u get back into all of this!! Thanks

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