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I offer personal readings (tarot and astrology) and a variety of astrology reports. 

In person, home parties, special events. 

I can also email you computer charts and interpretations as well as offer telephone or skype readings which are more personal and are directly from me. 

The variety of charts offered are:

Birth readings for you and your children.  The child's chart reads like an instructional manual for you, the parent.

Date Setting: Want to know a good date to plan a marriage, or open a new business?  I can help you find the most advantageous date that works for you.

Relationship readings - want to know more about your mate or person you are partnering up with?

Body & soul - Learn what astrological influences affect your health and what parts of your body are affected.

Astro-cartography - Shows the planetary influences over different locations on the planet.  Good for deciding where you would like to visit or move to.

Transits - Extensive predictive astrology showing where the planets sit in relationship to your birth chart and how they currently affect you.  I offer a monthly subscription which provides each month's transits.

Shop below for the specific reading you are interested in.  I offer a 5% discount on 2 or more items purchased.  

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All Telephone & Skype Readings Computerized Charts

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