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Birth Chart w/digital interpretation


     Each person is born at a special time, on a certain day and place. Astrologers use this information to chart the positions of the planets relative to the date, time and place of birth. This chart, or horoscope, provides an invaluable and exceptional view of your potentials, drives and needs.  This is the "cosmic guidebook" for each individual!

   A  person’s astrological sign is determined simply by the position of the sun at the time of birth. The horoscope, however, is literally a map of the heavens showing the exact position of the sun, moon, and planets. It is mathematically calculated using the exact date, hour, and location of an individual’s birth.   Every four-minute interval produces a slightly different chart. The horoscope is indeed a unique chart, no two individuals have the same one. 


This is a 25 page digital report which includes the Natal Chart (the planets and their aspects) and the interpretation of this chart.


     "The sun rules will power and ego. It is the core of your potential and uniqueness as an individual; who you are and what you are about. It represents the main direction and focus you want your life to take, and your determination to accomplish what you set out to do. It is your personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority, to impress and influence others."

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