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   Medical Astrology is a fascinating, timeless subject of antiquity that has lost its value in the wake of chemical (allopathic) medicine. While almost everyone knows his or her astrological Sun sign from their month and date of birth, they are not generally familiar with the personal characteristics associated with it, dietary and hygienic measures to be advised, and even preventative measures it provides to preserve, regain, or maintain one's health.

  The horoscope does not diagnose, rather it provides an insight into the constitution of the person and pathological tendencies. These general insights are modified by the person's early childhood, and environmental factors . It also provides an insight into the general psychology of the person. Further, based on Hindu and Tibetan philosophy, the horoscope can also show past life potentials and whether past events have been carried over into this life.


   Approximately 20-25 pages.  Computer-generated interpretation.


   "The Moon represents the personal habits, suffering, worry, and disease tendencies. The Moon sign is always very sensitive and represents the weakest part of the body. Operations should not be performed when the Moon is passing through the native's sign. The Moon rules the body's fluids, lymphatics, and the natural power of each organ, including its expulsive or detoxifying powers. Acquired and destructive habits are generally under the influence of the Moon sign. It rules the period of life from one to seven years, when so many destructive habits and health patterns are acquired, as for example from the parents or guardians. It shows what type of habits you may develop and how they affect your health."

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