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Children's Chart w/digital interpretation


   Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings, and for parents and teachers -- it’s the ultimate challenge. How many times have parents wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals?! There’s a secret: they do!

   This astrological report can be used as a guidepost, and provides a few hints and insights into the unique qualities of your child. Please remember that everyone -- including a child -- has free will. By understanding the significant drives and needs represented by a child's chart, you can better appreciate their uniqueness, and help guide them to fulfill their potentials in the healthiest possible way!  

  Computer-generated interpretation.  Approx. 20-25 pages in length, this interpretation comes with a natal chart.


 " "Diana's"  Moon in Aquarius can be seen as her love of sociable and mentally stimulating circumstances. She can have an especially profound mental and intuitive tie with Mother. Friendships will be important, even at an early age, but "Diana" also needs room to develop self-reliance and independence, since there is usually an intuitive sense of how to get help if needed!"

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