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Relationship - Composite w/digital interpretation


    A relationship chart is simply a horoscope made up from the midpoint in time and space between the natal charts of two different persons. Comparing two people's charts this interpretation gives insight to the varying dynamics and cycles present in a relationship. This horoscope is useful for understanding the different cycles that will effect each individual and how those cycles will overlap.  When 2 people get together, a 3rd energy is present - this is the composite chart

    The greater use you can derive from this kind of presentation is an introduction to a host of intricacies of your relationship that you likely did not know were there. Once these intricacies are spotted, you have the opportunity to take better advantage of what is already going for you and more effectively grapple with problems that were hidden or only partially-revealed before.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of all may be an expanded awareness of the structure of relationships and the realization that you have a great deal more power over how they proceed than you might previously have thought.

This is useful for intimate relationships, parent/child, siblings, business partnerships or any type of relationship.


Approx.  20-25 pages.  This is a computer-generated interpretation.  You will need to supply both people's birth info. 




     "The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The sign in which it falls will color the entire relationship, as many of the important events in the relationship will occur when transiting bodies are in this sign.


It may be said that the fundamental driving engine of this relationship is communication. Staying in touch with each other in a very specific, verbal way will be very important and, fortunately, fairly easy unless there are serious problems elsewhere. It is also the kind of relationship which can make easy contacts with others and help them to express themselves more easily."



Instructions:  After purchasing, please fill in "Required Information - Astrology Form", one for each person.

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