Cosmic Horizons

Where the Soul meets its Destiny

   I have watched the night sky since I was a little girl.  Always pondering the infinite universe and meaning of it all.  I always felt there was a reason to life and all that we experience, and we were not an accident, or doomed to die with nothing left of us.  I have always embraced a higher order of things - the soul's journey, consciousness, spirituality, God, Love, intelligent creation.  

         Whatever you want to call it!  The Great Universe!

 As a child, I was a story-teller and I loved to play 'seance' and 'be the medium.'  Of course, it was innocent fun, with some interesting results, but it showed me where my curiosities were aligned.

     As I grew into a young adult, I started investigating astrology in the late 70's and incorporated tarot cards in the mid 80's.  The ability to do readings, of any sort, results from studying symbolism, human behavior and intuition.   And trusting that the info you are receiving is appropriate.  I don't say 'right' because the nature of the archetypical realm is more about touching in with the psyche & subtler realms.  We want to gather information that the querent really needs to hear.   My varied education and curiosity has helped me to incorporate and pull from many spiritual traditions, scientific knowledge, earth histories and  metaphysics to offer a unique approach to the art of divining.

  I have been practicing this art for 30 years and invite you to join me on this cosmic ride to new horizons of thought and living your divine purpose.


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